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Crystal Clocks

Crystal clocks keep your employees happy by helping them keep the time in style. A very popular choice, crystal clocks are perfectly suited for various service awards and executive gifts. In addition, the crystal allows for a variety of engraving options both on the surface of the clock and within the crystal itself.

Crystal Clocks as Service Awards. What better way to celebrate someone’s employment anniversary than with a beautiful custom crystal clock? The clock conveys a message of professionalism and longevity of career success. Our clocks can be personalized with custom-designed engravings both in 2D and 3D. Besides, crystal clocks are truly beautiful, so people love getting them as gifts or awards. Check out our selection and order today to receive free delivery.

Crystal Clocks as Executive Gifts. Elegant, stylish, and practical, crystal clocks are very fitting as executive gifts. Vast variety of customization options makes it a very attractive choice for that very purpose. Besides, a clock is not a gift the receiver will only look at once (at the award ceremony), as they are keeping the time, they will see it for many years to come. This gift will truly keep on giving. So, browse our crystal clocks and order today.

IMPORTANT: every item is protected by our Crystal Quality Guarantee and every customer is protected by Best Value Guarantee, so make your order of crystal clocks today. Also, for a variety of other products browse our selection of crystal awards.

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    Triangle Clock
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3D Laser Engraving Technology

Using computerized laser machine, the image is engraved within the crystal without affecting the outside surface.

Product Quality

Every order is manufactured using the best quality certified glass and crystal.

Product Visualizations

Every client received free visualized artwork proofs before engraving and production begins.