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Glass is a material that we encounter everyday and it would be hard to imagine life without it. The history of glass manufacturing is very long and not entirely obvious. Although the oldest found glass items are around 9000 years old, it is anticipated that glass has been a part of human life for thousands of years!

Who and where started to make glass is unknown, however according to some Roman historians, there is some information about Phoenician traders who supposedly pioneered in this wonderful craft. A specific place where glass was discovered is impossible to determine because most likely it was invented by mistake. Grains of fine sand that fell on a clay surface melted during roasting and thus created a transparent film around a given clay plate or a pitcher. Glass was initially used as a coating during the manufacturing of ceramic dishes. Thus the history of glass is related to the Middle East. Europeans learned this craft from the Romans.

Approximately 200 years BC, in the area of Mediteranian Sea a different method of glass crafting was discovered. At the end of a long pipe, one placed melted glass and by blowing through the pipe one could form a desired shape made of glass. Despite that in todays glass manufacturing plants everything is automated, this manual technique still exists today during the production of exclusive artistic glass. Initially all glass shapes and items were manufactured from colored glass. Clear glass was invented in Alexandria during the Roman Empire. It is interesting to mention that the during that time, glass crafting was so advanced that people started to create fake gem stones to be fake replacements for the real precious stones in the production of julery.

The advancement in glass crafting resulted in more and more new inventions and ways to use this resource. The first glasses were made in the middle ages. Today, without glass there would be no telescopes, light bulbs, or televisions.

Today, production of glass is almost always an automated process. There are a lot of different variety of glass ranging from low to very high quality of glass. Our products are made using the highest quality of glass available, this way we can offer unbeatable quality that will last and continue to impress for years to come.



3D Laser Engraving Technology

Using computerized laser machine, the image is engraved within the crystal without affecting the outside surface.

Product Quality

Every order is manufactured using the best quality certified glass and crystal.

Product Visualizations

Every client received free visualized artwork proofs before engraving and production begins.